TeraCopy is my favorite file copying app for Windows for the past decade. It speeds up file transfers, can fix errors and verify file hashes, and overall speed up your workflow.

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  1. BadaL Badal Reply

    nope doesnt work on my cruzer glide 3.1 30+ minutes for a 40gb file on windows 10 its like a bad joke

  2. Robert Wilder Reply

    Im using it tofrqnfer files from a wdpr4100 to a drive in my pc , it does same thing as explorer it stops

  3. Sebastian Lind Reply

    For me it was like 2 seconds slower than Explorer, but I will use it overnight to test it with over a million files to another drive, when I did it with explorer, some folders were not copied over, when I woke up there was no message or anything, just missing folders, so hopefully this will work, I don't care about the speed, just need it to copy everything.

  4. Captain Daddy Reply

    TeraCopy is amazing. My favorite feature is the automatic queuing when you copy multiple directories.

  5. JoeFay Tech Reply

    ultracopier is freeware and its the overlord of all file managers

  6. Deebo Of Doom Reply

    Thanks for the review, was literally on the fence about getting this until I saw this video 😀

  7. Chris Alister Reply

    I just heard of it for the first time and gave it a try. No, it's not faster. Windows 10 Pro, 64bit. 28 files at 614MB total. File Explorer took 14 seconds at about 48 MB/s. TeraCopy took 19 seconds at about 31 MB/s. Same files, same source, same destination. Source was an SSD drive to a HD on a NAS over 1GB network. No fancy settings selected.

  8. Causes multiple errors to files especially video files, might be okay for text files but I've had to delete loads of video files damaged by teracopy

  9. Teracopy is much faster! No doubt about it!! But talking about crashes…. Teracopy is still not that stable. Sometimes for me it crashes when I switch tabs in the program or open the settings window. One time it even just closed or crashes itself without any notice, all my files that were moving , were corrupted so that was shit. But yeah nonetheless, it has somewhat improved, design is still not the best but it is blazing fast compared to explorer

  10. Name Policy Reply

    just to clarify a thing, for tiny files there is no better choice than windows explorer built in copy, it copy thousands of files at same time, now tera may have come to its speed i'm gonna do some experiments…and for large files of course tera copy is better

  11. TechWizTime Reply

    I switched a few years back due to Windows Explorer not playing nice with queuing files for copy. The several windows open all competing to copy all at the same time makes Windows Explorer a nightmare. TeraCopy will either add it to the current que if in the same folder or start a new que which would only start once the original had finished.

  12. Hampus Lundqvist Reply

    mfw when I use Linux and it has kernel level file moving 😉

  13. Very nice. Does TeraCopy have the ability to schedule copying, like if you were going to use it as a file-backup to send it somewhere?

  14. Never actually heard of this app before. Looks pretty nice, I'll definitely check it out!

  15. Lagger Onesixfour Reply

    Just FYI for some people Windows explorer IS NOT Internet Explorer.

  16. Tsubajashi - Osu! Reply

    i remember using it back in the day! Thanks for reminding me getting that again

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