Street Food Night Market Bangkok – The Train Night Market Srinakarin
Shopping may be the main highlight at Rod Fai Market, but you shouldn’t miss out on the street food here. Makeshift bars with cheap cocktails and drinks, barbecue stands with sizzling meats, fried noodle stalls, ice cream parlors, drink stands with foaming Thai iced-tea and coffee are wedged in at random spots among the goods.
Rod Fai Market is located on Srinakarin Soi 51, behind Seacon Square Shopping Mall. The best way to get there is via taxi – all drivers should know Seacon Square. Even so, traffic can be bad on Friday and Saturday nights so you could consider taking the BTS Skytrain to On Nut Station first, then catching a taxi from there.

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  1. Mark Hapitana Reply

    and so because of this video … I even love Thailand more … hope I can visit soon…

  2. matsamnic fam Reply

    Gorgeous people, delicious food…no idea why people give a thumbs down…love your videos ❤

  3. vobwe etih vseh ljudei nado estribit, one ebutsa kak kowki, ne panemaja vseh problem v mire, zrut kak suki naplanete vse wto popalo, otpravte ih nahui na truguju planetu, pust tam razvivajutsa suki

  4. Nook & Cranny Korea 구석구석 코리아 Reply

    Wow! This is a market with lots of food that I really want to eat.~ Thank you for the great video.!!

  5. มีนา บุญประเสริฐ Reply


  6. Maaike Martens Reply

    Child is working the night market 👎👎 Chopping chicken

  7. สุกัญญา สันต์เสริมสุข Reply


  8. The Tuang Food Reply

    Nice video, looks delicious … love greetings from Indonesian food vloggers

  9. Leunan lipa Reply

    👍👏👌👏👌👍👌👏👍👏👍 From Argentina 🙋🙋🙋🙋

  10. Сельская жизнь . Reply

    До того грязно работают ужас.деньги берут и с ними же продукцию дают.не когда даже не подумаю там поесть

  11. JJ Jessi Official Reply

    ตลาดสะอาดน่าไปมากค่ะ เจเจมาให้กำลังใจคะพี่🌹🙏🌷☺️♥️

  12. محد جاب الكرونا غيرهم من اكلهم اللي كلو امراض يالطيف

  13. พรพันธ์งาม ชาแนล Reply


  14. Misran Siano Reply

    I like the mix of people and their food, Thai, western and Muslim food, excellent

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