First scene is myself swimming in the roof top pool at the Novotel bangkok SUKHUMVIT soi 4 hotel..Then I am on Soi 4 near the Novotel Bangkok SUKHUMVIT Soi 4 Hotel walking around to show you the surroundings and what is near the hotel like the 7 eleven right across the street and bars. Next I walk into the entrace into the lobby of the Novotel Hotel and I go to the 23rd floor to show you my Deluxe Twin city view room. I do a full review of this room. Next I show you the roof top pool and bar on the 25th floor. Show you the views of Bangkok, the bar, the menu and the awesome roof top pool. I also show you what its like at night on the roof top pool. Next I take you to the fitness center on the 7th floor and garden terrace. Novotel Bangkok SUKHUMVIT Soi 4 Hotel is a guest friendly hotel with great service, great food, great rooms, great location and an awesome roof top pool with stunning views of Bangkok Thailand. Hope you enjoyed this video and please subscribe to Pattaya Slyman.




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  1. Abdulla Almalki Reply

    your cam top quality also your explaining wonderful many friends likes and followings yours videos

  2. John Hatami Reply

    i have no choice but to blame you for convincing me to book my next trip in mid-jan to bangkok at this hotel. lol… thanks

  3. George Oshust Reply

    The views at the rooftop pool are magnificent! More so at night

  4. Nice review. Im concidering changing my hotel tomorrow. Just wonder can you smoke at the rooftop pool ?

  5. John Hatami Reply

    great video; a few months ago i come to bangkok, i ate at their restuarnt; great food and a few really hot waitresses ; i usually stay at the JW Marr't.; i'll book my trip in this one the next time i am there.

  6. Awesome hotel review 😎👍🏼u should get a big discount from Novotel for this one

  7. Steve Haslam Reply

    I stayed there last month: agree, it's pretty nice and the location is great. The rooftop pool was so nice I got a sunburn spending time up there 8) Glad to see they didn't adopt the usual Novotel chocolate brown bathroom theme! Ibis rooms are probably a bit simpler, but you get breakfast included.

  8. Great Hotel review,it would be even better if you include the room rate,look forward to more reviews.

  9. Guyguy 111 8888999 Reply

    Awesome hotel review video. Lots of information n music n views of bangkok

  10. Carl Eveson Reply

    Like that a lot, hope to be following your footsteps ( not in a weird way of course) August this year and doing Bangkok Dangerous Alone , Can't wait, Quality Vlog an all that … : )

  11. Miroslav Petránek Reply

    How much for room please? Not see information about this. Thanks for video.

  12. Michael Sanders Reply

    Hey man. Thanks so much for posting this video. I am sold on this hotel. I've heard nothing but good things. When I am in Bangkok, I've stayed at the Dawin Hotel which is a few minutes from this hotel and have enjoyed my stays there, but I will stay here when I go back.

  13. Tony McQuade Reply

    Nice one Sylman (OffTheRails here, changed it back) Question: Was that a non copyright rendition of Hotel California? Great room dude! Your hand, is becoming your distinctive trademark, LOL.

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