Join me on a full tour of Keemala, a five star rainforest retreat on Phuket’s West Coast.

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  1. It looks nice, but not very private compared to other villas I have been to.

  2. Angéla Elizabet Fodor Reply

    Csodás világ vanília virág kis Ratan doboz ékszer seb mind a műanyag polcok szapan tartok illat tartok szép munka és értek jővő gondolkod@s mindig megujulo forr@s Ewanghelina Elisabeth Engyi

  3. Angéla Elizabet Fodor Reply

    Zőld építkezés Tudom az új technológia egy csodás világot tárúl Semi nem veszűnk ell csak kicsit attalakitunk békés kőrnyezet a jővő Természetes anyagok a Ratan a kedvencem és bambusz erős vízálló gyorsan nővekvő nőveny fa simán heljesiti.. Fonot kosarak és Fonot fotel asztal szekrények réz erősítés szuper luxus érzet fehér len igen köszönöm Engyi

  4. Sirichai thongyim Reply

    Wow​ so​ beautiful​ amazing​ Thailand​ I​ like​ this.

  5. wish i had few thousands to spare, costs by the way around $1000 a night in this resort.

  6. I am Chinese. I have been to Thailand 4 times. I like Thailand very much. I hope the epidemic situation will pass quickly and I am ready for my next trip to Thailand!

  7. dunia terakhir Reply

    I want to go on date with the owner of this resorts 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Virtual Tours Reply

    A piece of paradise. Just wow! Must visit here. Thanks for the tour 🙂

  9. Elisha Ngoma Reply

    To stay in the place like this is more impressive than to stay in th tallest building hotels in the city, this has inspired me to start making money so that i can come to this place with my ❤😍

  10. Natthakit Seesom Reply

    ขอบคุณการนำเสนอที่ดีครับ^^thank you

  11. Aaleyah Fatima Valdez Reply

    Amazing works how I love this kind of place nature breathtaking beautiful location

  12. Shalom Kumar Sigworth Reply

    Enchanting, mesmerizing, captivating, serene, welcoming, inviting, invigorating, lushful, greenish, artistic, rustic one-of-a-kind resort! The suspending-barrel-like pods are appealing. The fantastic bird's nest villas are certainly a wow factor. At keemala, you're certainly on top of the world!

  13. V. Monna M.G. Melberg Reply

    This place is suitable for inspiration because the atmosphere is full of comfort to relive stress , sadness and confusion ! Moreover , added a very romantic honeymoon place , hmmm…
    " So Sweet "…! And awesome.
    Have a nice trip in Thailand Hotel ! I like that place because it is very nice.

  14. Ernie De Vega Reply

    May I ask, how much is your budget during your stay at keemala resort and spa? Thanks for you answer soonest.

  15. Frances Elaine Thurston Reply

    I would never go there. In a Muslim Country, Christians cannot practice their faith. No way.

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