Jin Air GreenWings vs SK telecom T1, Game 3 – LCK Spring Split 2018 – JAG vs SKT G3

Game Start: 08:25

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  1. 가나욧아아아 Reply

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ이때가전설의 정글울프시대구나

  2. only 94k on ez??? wtf? i played a game of xerath half a ayear ago and had over 100k dmg at 34 mins xD

  3. Jay Eisenhardt Reply

    Thumbs up for (Game Start) time.
    Never give up, never surrender!

  4. Mike Wright Reply

    You don't often break records by breaking two in one game, and one of the records being broken almost three times (~300% the CS that last record holder had).

  5. David Burnworth Reply

    Such a bad game, no reason to be able to clear out 3 waves of double super minions, but this is why patch 8.4-8.5 happened

  6. Osvaldo Luiz Moreira Reply

    They played 27 minutes without any tower, unbelievable.

  7. Osvaldo Luiz Moreira Reply

    JAG made a great save, without tower and hold for a long time waiting for an opportunity, fantastic, very good even this game.

  8. Mohammad Ali Khodahami Reply

    this game is a shit. they must change fuking late game. 3 inhibs down, 6 super minions every wave and still they could clear it in 1 sec. its not fair at all. i hate skt but this was not fair at all. riot do sth about late game.

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