The 2018 HP Omen is the best gaming laptop they’ve made in a few years. Starting at $800 this thin-bezeled laptop is worth checking out.
HP Omen –
Omen Mouse –

With 8th gen 6-core CPUs and GTX 1060 on tap, the new HP Omen delivers a surprisingly good value in the mid-tier gaming laptop market. The 144 Hz screen brings a smooth gaming experience to the laptop without being super expensive.

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  1. The 2018 model is the first HP OMEN gaming laptop i’ve recommended in a couple years. Glad to see HP making some good moves. Thanks for watching!

  2. lediju azeez Reply

    @dave Lee I will like to know if I can replace the 60hz screen with a 144hz screen on this laptop?

  3. I purchased this laptop (Omen 15, 16GB RAM 8GB Graphics) right after watching Dave's video. Using it for 2 years now and I'm still in love with it. Everything said in this video is on point! Have faced absolutely no problems at all, except for some heat issues. (laptop heat shoots up pretty high while gaming+plugged in, although I think some software fix can set it right. Or maybe cleaning up the fans but I couldn't gather the confidence to get into the device 😅) Absolutely beautiful device, absolutely awesome reviewer. Thank you!

  4. I got this computer replacing an old laptopӒӡ (physical harddrive crash wiping everything and I didn't backup for 8 months…UGH) that I had for 6 years. I liked the price and was thinking of replacing the 1 TB HDD for a solid state drive. This was not necessary. The 16GB Optane memory makes up for the lack of harddrive speed. I rarely hear the harddrive running.

  5. Sri Raghava M Reply

    I'm confused between HP Pavilion 15-dk0045tx and HP Omen 15-dc1093TX. Both are having the same specifications but I want to buy a laptop with the better build quality, performance, and durability. I want to use a laptop for at least 5-7 years. I'm using Hp pavilion au 006tx for the last 4.5 years now I'm having some overheat issues. My main purpose is not gaming but build quality and long term performance. I use a laptop for remote desktop connection to my office, watching videos. I don't like to buy another laptop for 5-7 years so build quality and performance I insist. Please provide me some suggestions also (Only hp). My budget is around $1000 max. I prefer a 15.6-inch screen but if it's a good option I will go for 14 inches also.

  6. JiGar's Entertainment Reply

    I have omen 2018 with 1660ti. But thermals are not good. Gaming temperature are 95c to 100 centigrade. And fps drop on charging. Anyone plz help me

  7. Would you say it's a good laptop for photo/video editing over the MSI 15.6" Modern Series Creator 15M?

  8. The Omen is nice and all, I just don't like that all the ports are in the back

  9. Why dont make a video about "top 5 gaming laptop for the money" its not about budget but the most worth it for its price. Im more convinced in Dave Lee's recommendations than others on yt

  10. jakes played Reply

    Hello man. Have you tried to use this playing Battlefield 5 or Call Of Duty WW2? how's the experience? Thanks man

  11. Norma Dicot Reply

    Hi man I'm jakes played! do you recommend this for battlefield 5 game? thanks

  12. In 2018 I got this exact one for my birthday. Has been keeping up really well. However, my keyboard looks slightly different but the same specs.

  13. Whats up with the trackpad why i have to click the button for double click rather than double tab on the track pad itself

  14. eyo dave! the new omen 15-dh0700nd seems very reasonably priced in a not too bad chassey. what do you think?

  15. So i bought this model with i7 9750h RTX 2060.The games runs great but what bothers me is the temperatures,so i undervolt it by -0.120v and now temperatures are great.

  16. please help me also to buy a laptop ..actually, I am a designing student and always use software like adobe photoshop and all previous laptop got froze in between the work and it's very frustrating. please recommend me few options for the same and for some gaming purpose also .. I am new to laptops don't have any knowledge about it.

  17. shavar boyd Reply

    I was wondering if you could upgrade this like upgrade the ssd and the graphics card

  18. Angdrico Unofficial Reply

    Hello. I want to buy a laptop but i really confused bc of the specs and price of these laptops have only little differences. They are HP OMEN 15-dc1090tx vs Asus VivoBook Pro F571GT.
    Differences (or maybe you can check):
    OMEN: 144Hz, SSD PCIe NVMe M.2
    VivoBook: 60Hz, SSD PCIe Gen3 x2, and it has Intel Optane 32GB

    VivoBok is only $50 cheaper, and i'm okay with the price differences so dont mind it

    1. Which SSD is better between those two? Maybe you can recheck again whether i write them wrong.
    2. I want to be logo/product designer, gaming a bit but not so gamingholic, multitasker, i wanna run some heavy programs also like ArcGIS, AutoCad, MATLAB etc. so which one should i take? Thankyou so much

  19. Shahid Shaik Reply

    Is there any improvement in thermals in the 2018 hp omen which was released in early 2019.

  20. Shahid Shaik Reply

    I have recently bought hp omen 15 dc-1088 nr.which was released in 2019. What about its thermals and is the bios is updated in it.

  21. Naresh Naragoud Reply

    how is omen 15 2019 1660 ti model? does it have good thermals?

  22. Sayed Idrees Maqsoody Reply

    Would you please make a review on omen 17(2019).I saw it's specs and I like it but I'm still not quite sure to buy it.

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