Here is the history of Contra games, or you can say Contra Evolution from 1987 to 2018. We listed all of the Contra games in one video with order, platforms and year. What is the best Contra games you have played? Let us know in the comment down below.

➢ History/Evolution of Doom Games :

♦ List ♦

■ Contra
Year : 1987
Platform : NES, PlayChoice-10

■ Super Contra
Year : 1988
Platform : NES, PlayChoice-10

■ Operation C
Year : 1991
Platform : Game Boy, Game Boy Color

■ Contra III: The Alien Wars
Year : 1992
Platform : SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advanced

■ Contra Force
Year : 1992
Platform : NES

■ Contra: Hard Corps
Year : 1994
Platform : SEGA Genesis

■ Contra: Legacy of War
Year : 1996
Platform : PlayStation, Sega Saturn

■ C: The Contra Adventure
Year : 1998
Platform : PlayStation

■ Contra: Shattered Soldier
Year : 2002
Platform : PlayStation 2

■ Neo Contra
Year : 2004
Platform : PlayStation 2

■ Contra 4
Year : 2007
Platform : Nintendo DS

■ Contra ReBirth
Year : 2009
Platform : Wii

■ Contra: Evolution
Year : 2010
Platform : Android, iOS, Arcade Game

■ Hard Corps: Uprising
Year : 2011
Platform : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

■ CONTRA 2028 (Fan Made Contra Game)
Year : 2018
Platform : PC

♬ Music ♬

■ Intro : Contra (NES) Startup Theme
■ Outro : Kasger & Limitless – Miles Away

➢ Thank you for watching!


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  1. Tech Master Tricks Reply

    Check out the History/Evolution of Doom Games here

  2. Matt Witkowski Reply

    So contra went from “rambo” to “aberchrombie and fitch” over 21 years😅

  3. Blazer Upper Reply

    I dont consider contra 2028 being a contra game at all by how to plays

  4. jose barrera espada Reply

    contra and super contra arcade version not present in the video ??

  5. Adrian Rampling Reply

    I defeated the whole xD game I got a bunch of bs though oof.Fireboy and Watergirl on hudgames so easy game


    Remember how I got a hacked game with different Contra titles and cheat included with different titles.
    Know I know there are a lot more to discover 😀

  7. Lev Vladimirovsky Reply

    10:23 That music reminds me about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

  8. En que consola de video juegos puedo jugar la version del 2018 alguien me puede decir???


    Except contra, super contra & contra force….all versions lack something called contraness.
    These 3 versions r best….good clear graphics, soundtracks, not so over engineered, originality in story….and balanced amounts of violence & action….putting some more similar war machines and u arrive at new game.

  10. jack the hamner Reply

    Man Sony or somebody needs to buy konami whole catalog of games man cause they ain't doing shit with these classics

  11. Eism Binabu Reply

    Kya din thy wo b 😍😍😍aaj pubg khelne wale kya jane iska maza ….1 rupee deke 1 hour khelna 😁😁…aaj pubg hai phone me but khelne ko man ny karta

  12. Padhu Nandhu Reply

    Best game of our childhood .. I’m 28 still playing this 1987 version

  13. Soni GAMEZONE Reply

    My childhood game ..Muje bs S ki shakti mil jayee…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. me and my dad used to play contra 1987 in 2014 but today my dad still played it tho also he has all contra games but except contra 2028
    my dad is a legend player in contra 1987 his life score is 28 going to every last level but 3 weeks ago my dad made it with no death

  15. David's side chick Reply

    I used to play this alot
    The old version
    Not new
    I played it in 2012 and forgot about it and played it again a couple years ago

  16. I only have a change to play contra 1987 and 1988 and realized that this game even older than myself

  17. looks like metal slug 5 final mission has copied from this game

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