Hello, friends! Glad to show you the Evolution of Cossacks Games.

The Cossacks game is a series of historical strategies developed by the Ukrainian company GSC Game World.

“Cossacks” talk about events that took place at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. All games in the series provide an opportunity to look at certain battles, and play them exactly the way you want. Among the campaigns presented in the game are, for example, the Napoleonic wars and the conquests of Peter I.

When I was in school, I played hundreds of hours in these games. And I was very happy when in 2016 GSC GameWorld gave the legendary game a new life!

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List of games:

1. Cossacks: European Wars (2001)
2. Cossacks: The Art of War (2002)
3. Cossacks: Back to War (2002)
4. Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars (2005)
5. Cossacks II: Battle for Europe (2006)
6. Cossacks 3 (2016)

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  1. Thomas Henrique Reply

    mano behind the evolution of the Pc and Android FPS porfavo

  2. Яна Александровна Хуснулгатина Reply

    Будь добр сделай в следующий раз evolution shadow of the beast

  3. Bruno Ribeiro Reply

    Hello my friend. Empire earth, Age of empires, Starcraft, command and conquer, Company of heroes. Good franchises, and good to evolution games.

    Great work!

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