Easiest Way to Remove SHORTCUT Virus Permanently from your Computer, Pendrive, Memory Card [SOLVED]:
This quick video tutorial is going to help you to recover your precious files that has converted into Shortcut Folder and as well as remove Shortcut Virus from your computer, pen drive, memory card, external hard disk and other flash drive devices without any software. Follow the instructions provided in video and Remove Shortcut Virus Permanently.
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1. Recover Files from Shortcut Virus (Fix Shortcut Virus):
a. RUN Command Prompt as Administrator.
b. Type: (Drive Name): and Press Enter. Shortcut Virus is in my H Drive, so I will type H: & Press Enter.
c. Type: attrib –s –h –r *.* /s /d /l & Press Enter.
Now wait for few seconds & Open Shortcut Virus infected drive.
All your files would have converted back to normal files. Now COPY your important files from the infected drive to somewhere safe and Format your USB Pendrive.

2. Remove Shortcut Virus Permanently:
To Delete Shortcut Virus Permanently,
a. Open “Task Manager” by Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc Key. And Go to “Process” Tab. Look for “wscript.vbs” if found, Right-Click on it & Click on “End Task”.
b. Press Windows Key + R and on the Run type: wscript & Press Enter. It’ll open “Windows Script Host Setting” tab. Check “Stop Script after Specified Number of second” box and Click on Apply & OK.
c. Again Press Windows Key + R and on the Run type: %temp% and Press Enter. It’ll open “Temp” folder. Look for “wscript”, if found, Delete them all. In the same way look for “nkvasyoxww.vbs” if found, Delete them all.
d. Press Windows Key + R and on the Run type: msconfig & Press Enter. It’ll open “System Configuration”. Go to “Startup” tab and look for “Microsoft Windows Script Host” and “nkvasyoxww.vbs”, if found, UnCheck both of them, Click on Apply & OK and Restart your system.
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  1. Emmanuel Labado Reply

    It worked but when you eject it and put it again, my files lost and it's in the SHORTCUT again

  2. attrib –s –h –r . /s /d /l when i press enter it says parameter formate not correct

  3. Subham Pattnayak Reply

    after that attrib part when i press enter its says access denied

  4. Sreejith TB Reply

    This is not solving my issue. I was able to delete the .lnk file. My original file also disappears. Even after formatting when I copy any file it turns into shortcut. Please suggest a solution.

  5. Imperio Works Reply

    It does really works but after a while the files will be gone if you close it.

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