Dancing Line – The Video Game [OFFICIAL] | 100% Complete, all gems and crowns by Tuan Nguyen.
Hello everyone, this is a surprising gift from our dear Dancing Line team lol. This update has 2 new levels. Yes, 2 NEW LEVELS. The Video Game level has been designed by our Ocean Designer. This level has a very good song. It should be suitable for a hard level. However, hard level may take more time to design. As usual, our team is currently overloaded a lot. Hope you would always support our Dancing Line team, and all our designers. Enjoy the first huge update of 2020.
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  1. Tuan Nguyen Reply

    More to come
    Dancing Line – The 3rd Anniversary: https://youtu.be/F48uzY3wrVw
    Rolling Sky – Kepler's Dream Level 48 [OFFICIAL] https://youtu.be/VRAyqVOMzHM

  2. Nathan gaming belantara official channel Reply

    Wow this is my favourite level

    The music is good and easy but fun to play

  3. Yralme De Aguas Reply

    Porque dancing line lo eliminaron del Google play no se merecía eso :'v
    PD saben donde poder descárgalo nuevamente ?

  4. I cant spend a day without hearing that music at least once also when it came out for me i could not see the chalenge and i didnt get ittt😭😭😭😭

  5. *SoStefani* Reply

    i can't unlock this level the app got taken off google and it won't unlock

  6. Keane Yau An Kai 【姚安鍇】 Reply

    The 3rd Anniversary https://youtu.be/F48uzY3wrVw

  7. Maximino Degillo Jr Reply

    I did like the video game level but I don't know how to do this level can you show me please

  8. OutOfHerMind Reply

    Is this actually you playing the level, or an auto in the developer program? 🤔

  9. Undeniably Gorgeous Reply

    I can't see dancing line in play store anymore 🥺 why??

  10. ThisHuman26 Reply

    That moment when Dancing Line can't be downloaded because it's deleted from the Google Play Store…..

  11. Wean.Diolazo Reply

    i was searching dancing line and it was dissapeared i think???

  12. としりた Reply


  13. This is clearly more harder than the racing even if someone used the guidance line

  14. Ämäñđä Jøvîtä Reply

    Dancing Line and Piano Tiles are missing from the play store I guess it's just me. What happened to the developers of Cheetah Mobile?

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