Dancing Line – The 3rd Anniversary [OFFICIAL] | 100% Complete, all gems and crowns by Tuan Nguyen.
Hello everyone, finally new version from Dancing Line team is here. In this version, we gonna have the main level: The 3rd Anniversary from the team. This level used to be in plan to be released on December 2019. However, our designers was overloaded. We have a small delay for this. Taurus designer gifts us this level in this version. Hope you would always support our designers and the whole team. Enjoy this new version!!!
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  1. Tuan Nguyen Reply

    It’s just the beginning
    Dancing Line – The Video Game: https://youtu.be/B1MjsZWEX9Y
    Rolling Sky – Kepler's Dream Level 48 [OFFICIAL] https://youtu.be/VRAyqVOMzHM

  2. w41k3r .g1rl Reply

    The 2:00 – End Time, makes me rewind the good old times 😍❤

  3. Игорь Каспаров Reply

    Если ты тоже хочешь такую пионерскую песню сделать подпишись на канал поставьте колокольчик и поставь лайк

  4. Игорь Каспаров Reply

    Если ты тоже такое видео Хочешь поиграть Нажми на колокольчик подпишись на канал и поставь лайк

  5. How did youve got this level? Ive got all the puzzlepieces, but I dont have the level…

  6. Nathan gaming belantara official channel Reply

    Me: Watched video
    Me: oh this level is easy
    When i play this level: OMG It's so hard Mamamia let's me go

  7. Justice Gagne Reply

    Even though I knew it wouldn’t be that, the first two lines made me think it was going to be The Legend of Delta Rune

  8. Not gonna lie… this was pretty cool. But for the amount of challenges or the amount of money needed to play this? I'll pass and just watch this video instead.

  9. RuszWolf OwO Reply

    I have never seen anything intense and lovely like this before

  10. AINI SAKURA AND GACHA Chanell Reply

    Assalamualaikum bang saya pengen nanya bang itu dancing line the third anniversary itu versi berapa bang

  11. God they need to make a level thats uses every song at some point I loved this

  12. charlie warly Reply

    I'm kinda sad that the winter wasn't a part in the level since that technically was the first level before the piano and the begining came out

  13. Michael Larson Reply

    I thought this looked hard. But it's actually really easy once you get into it.

  14. P-Switch Break Reply

    I remember when the cathedral was the latest, this is very nostalgic

  15. rebecca lustre Reply

    I LIKE THE TIME MACHINE PART IS SO COOL!!!Happy Anniversary!!!

  16. rebecca lustre Reply

    I LIKE THE TIME MACHINE PART IS SO COOL!!!Happy Anniversary!!!

  17. Digital Sunrise Reply

    This level’s beautiful, they not only added versions of dancing line levels in this game, but they even decided to add the 1st ever level in dancing line history, which was originally in Through the Fog, which is old dancing line version.
    If any if you ask, the 1st level in The 3rd anniversary was Peaceful Stagnation.

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