Crazy Zombie 9

Crazy Zombie is back. A cool arcade fighting game featuring crossover characters from many of the popular animated tv show and classic games. Pick your favorite fighter and head off to defeat crazy zombies. Co-op with a friend or family on the same computer in 2 player mode. New characters include Ichigo from The Bleach Anime and Lori from the retro King of Fighters arcade fighting game.

Play Crazy Zombie 9 Unlocked with all modes unlocked and $100,000 gold to upgrade stats and level up.
As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

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  1. EL CAPITANO goku Reply

    Goku Led LIGHT – Blue –
    Captain America Led LIGHT – Blue –

  2. Eunice Bebita Reply

    Im upgrading shimo even its not full upgrade but i can still best up the full upgrade shimo

    Sorry im not good in english
    Is this the hack crazy zombie?

  3. GenGarLeeDD Reply

    SonSon is in?!. Man Mario/Luigi was my main.. also Chicken has the most op super. Why does Mr Incredible have Falcon’s voice

  4. the pro Aaron XD Reply

    Hace trampa sólo les mejoraron los golpes el capitano goku haces trampa

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