Enjoy this relaxing cityscape music by Quiet Quest Study Music, featuring 3 hours of ambient study music with city background video.

This cityscape background music is great to play in the background and to use as focus music, deep focus music and concentration music for studying and memorizing.

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Listening to ambient music for studying can help you with memory retention and improve your concentration and focus.

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Music by Quiet Quest – Study Music

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  1. Jamaldin Sabirjanov Reply

    at what time it replays? I want to use this song and 3h is to much.

  2. Jon-Patrick Wane Reply

    Is this three hours of the same song? I like it, but had to move on once I felt like I was listening to the same track looped over and over.

  3. Riketts Cayllahua Reply

    i knew i was on the right place when it sounds in the 00:01

  4. Started off great. I was like wow! But then you realize it's a loop…

  5. Michael Hart Reply

    Anybody else see the orange car apparently still learning how to merge at 2:35 ?

  6. Ross Cherry Reply

    Love this! Found it beautiful and wonderful. Spent an entire evening wrapped in LOVE 🙂

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