2018 was a killer year for PC gaming. Here are a bunch of games we think are worth your time.
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25- Wreckfest
24- Vampyr
23- Yakuza 0
22- Celeste
21- Dragon Ball FighterZ
20- Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
19- Ghost of a Tale
18- Into the Breach
17- Hitman 2
16- A Way Out
15- Warhammer: Vermintide 2
14- Far Cry 5
13- Dead Cells
12- Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
11- Monster Hunter: World
10- Return of the Obra Dinn
9- Final Fantasy XV
8- Valkyria Chronicles 4
7- Battletech
6- Frostpunk
5- Kingdom Come: Deliverance
4- Insurgency: Sandstorm
3- Forza Horizon 4
2- Subnautica
1- Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
Sea of Thieves

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  1. Amin Jafari Reply

    How can you put 4:57 next to 5:10 and the other top games for that matter?

  2. KillingerDOOM Reply

    That mouse game looked good. I don't know what the narrator was on about. Also, he needs to learn how to pronounce 'game'.

  3. Will remember this channel ! For not to watch or trust any of your rankings again !

  4. Anythinganime Reply

    I'm gonna say it. Cause it is. FROSTPUNK IS THE DARK SOULS 3 OF BUILDING GAMES.

  5. sometimes i wonder what kind of drugs some reviewers take when they say "amazing graphics" about games like celesete.

  6. Do you know a game that came out lately the which demo was happening in a skyscraper room and the player was impersonating a cop who should've stopped some villain of killing a woman(i think) and after a little time an helicopter appeared? The main charateristic is that player has many options choices of text and action… I hope it makes sense

  7. Día Animations 2 -BACKUP CHANNEL- Reply

    **when your favorite PC game isnt on the list**

  8. Kumiko Ishida Reply

    Boring games…all already seen in past they just upgrade graphics… We need something new….

  9. am i the only one looking for 2018 games instead of those new ones which are garbage compared to the older ones?

  10. Ashir Ahmad Reply

    Watching this video in 2020 and u guys should know the reason 😢😢😢

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