In-depth dive into the new MazdaConnect infotainment system in the Mazda3, Mazda6 and other models.

The system combines a bright 7-inch touchscreen with an iDrive/MMI-like controller knob and button array in the center console. Similar to Infiniti’s systems, you can navigate with either the controller, or the touchscreen, or both depending on what is easier at the moment.
IM, Email, and Social Networks in one easy to use application!

The system is as intuitive and snappy as the Mazda6′s is slow and painful. High resolution graphics, a completely redesigned interface and vastly improved voice commands join to create a system that rivals uConnect, iDrive and MyFord Touch for best in the industry. In that comparison the only things MazdaConnect lacks is smartphone app integration and some form of crash-notifying telematics system.

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  1. Hi, I have this radio for my 2015 mazda demio. Its in japanese. Any advice on how to change it to english??? Fingers cross you can help.

  2. Thank you for making this video. I have this system. Your video was informative, and well put together. I love watching your videos. Many more videos to come !!!

  3. Can I add this to my I Touring mazda 3? I have a stupid clock looking screen not the 7 inch screen! Please help

  4. MonelloSavutano Reply

    how to move through tabs ,without touch, like you do at 7:17

  5. sheldon pottinger Reply

    I have a mazda 3 but doesn't have that radio,where can I get this radio to buy?
    I'm in Jamaica but cant find it online😪

  6. Abishua Chendriah Reply

    Hello Guys, i've bought a mazda 3 skyactive year 2015. However, nothing is being displayed on the safety settings. Is this normal? If not, can you help?

  7. Scott Briggs Reply

    The media center is fine, I don't like that they deleted the CD deck, and you cannot put one in, because there's no room in the Mazda3 now to put one outboard. Annoying. It does
    have AUX and USBs though, at least. The stereo system in mine sounds fantastic, though. I also invested in a thumb drive and put tons of music on it, but it's so slow and clunky
    using it with the media center, I gave up using it a while ago.

  8. Ziglain Records Reply

    in your video at 5:56 you describe the alphabetical list on the right side of the screen, enabling the user to scroll down and find artists/songs that start with a certain letter. however, my screen is not centered and this alphabetical list/column is too far to the right to select and use. how do i center the display enough so this column will be fully displayed so i can use it??

  9. New Yorks Finest Reply

    how come i can't just say a name of a restaurant and location for nav? it keeps asking me for the complete address of the place i'm trying to go. what if i don't know the full address ?

  10. Lostboy's Video Vault Reply

    Your video was very helpful for me in my decision making to buy a new Mazda 3. Thank you.

  11. Hi there! i would like to know is there any current option on displaying the artist album cover while i connect to my iphone bluetooth? i'm driving mazda 2 2016 but every time i connected to my iphone bluetooth to mazda tablet, the music plays without the album/artist cover. Any clue? thankyou!

  12. moneycomein88 Reply

    The worst 2017 entertainment system there is. Loaded with bugs. Eg use voice recognition to play a Beatles mp3 and it calls a random person in your contacts!

  13. John Barkow Reply

    I recently purchased a new 2016 Mazda 3 touring and would like to know if Mazda might add Apple CarPlay and android drive and if the update would apply to older cars like mine. I know there is no official information but I'd be interested to know anyone opinion.

  14. do i have to buy the navigation system?.. mines just show the map (N-W-S-E) none like yours

  15. Shyam Chandar K Reply

    I am connecting my USB thumb drive as an audio source to my 2017 Cx5. I am seeing that the folders/albums don't play back to back. After one folder completes playing, i have to manually select the next one. But, when i play the entire song list (All Songs), they play back to back but the songs are all jumbled up here and not sorted per album/folder. Anyone seen this?

  16. deepak gooljar Reply

    Hi alex i wanted to know if the 7inch mazda connect infotainment system is available on the market…

  17. Can someone comment if the touchscreen is only available when stopped / parked? That's what I heard. TY

  18. Trevor Robertson Reply

    Anyone know how to turn the volume down on the TA Traffic Announcements. I nearly jump out of my skin when it kicks in!

  19. Atlantic Picture Reply

    2016 Mazda3 – after 5 months use.
    -Still no Android Auto.(unlike several similar cat cars) Forcing us to buy a $390 SD card and use Here maps. It's ok on my phone but a mess here on the car. (also try evilbay.. you can get it for around $120)
    – GPS is nearly USELESS. Has NO lock on location or VERY POOR coverage. (You can see the connected sats under gps info) Plenty ppl complaining about this on forums. Mine is floating over the Atlantic most of the time.
    – traffic cam alert got stuck – keep saying "speed cam" or ""reduce your speed" way after I already stopped and waiting at the red light.
    – Voice commands won't work most of the time. Not for me, not for others who tried. Quite funny sometimes. (Similar to Jeremy Clarkson's attempt to store a number on a MB S series). Mazda took out the Voice Training function from 2014.
    – input/scrolling via the button should be 2way/endless. Would be xtra useful for addresses, txt, music..etc. When you are at "T" to scroll to "A" should be forward not scrolling back for a minute. I know touch screen but that screen shows prints easily and after a day it looks horrible.
    – can't fast forward music while driving, knob doesn't do the trick either..
    – Screen needs a shade/visor, can barely see a thing on it during daylight.

    Other than those it's ok… The sys was updated to the latest fw at the dealer recently which made no changes.

  20. great demo thanks just brought a mazda 3 2016 trying to figure out how to set up the radio etc.. thanks again

  21. Truthisauthority Reply

    The infotainment systems is complete garbage if you are using a USB to play your music. It struggles to load the artist directory and stalls on every artist as you scroll through. So if you have 100+ artist, and you want to go from ACDC to ZZTop, it will literally take you 30 minutes or so to scroll that far. Also, voice command doesn't work on USB for the first 20-30 minutes, and trying before it's ready will crash it. How do you know it's ready, you don't. It's honestly probably the worst Music player in the history of computers. I have had better performance playing MP3's on computers from mid 90's than I do in my Mazda. I am not kidding when i say it's the worst player, EVER.Also, there is no Random. Random is the same playlist over and over again that NEVER changes. So you can't scroll through your music and Random is the same songs over and over. I have 5000 songs, I rarely get hear any of them because of my garbage Mazda infotainment system. If I would have known this, I wouldn't have bought a crappy Mazda.

  22. Dylan Ranville Reply

    your music sucks… but very helpful vid thank you. i am researching the car because i will have one next week:)

  23. If it updates for the CX9 for 2017 and they add Android play, will that Software update on the display for the 2016 CX9?

  24. Is there an option to turn off the GPS or is it consistently on?

    I dont like the idea of constantly having the GPS activated.

  25. Trajanowski Rifleworks Reply

    Good system, my only downside is that the screen doesnt collapse by retracting downwards

  26. Marilyn McGreal Reply

    recently I clicked the HOME button on the navigation system and although there were main highways all the way home the navigation system took me to a very remote country road, where I became totally lost and lacked the confidence to then rely on the navigation to get me home. Any thoughts or suggestions as to why this may have happened. I have checked all the settings but nothing seems obvious. Any help available???

  27. Travis Goldwire Reply

    Great video as always. I wanted to request an update to this review as well as get your thoughts on the Ford Sync3. Thanks!

  28. freeurmind2 Reply

    PLS ADVICE: My usb music does not have folders, it's just all listed there. I plug in the usb and it plays the music. I press the NEXT button on the steering wheel and most times it skips to the next music. BUT sometimes it will put the music on REPEAT even if I did NOT press REPEAT on the screen. Is there something wrong with my system? Should I bring it back to the dealer to fix? Thanks!

  29. Renata Ikonora Reply

    Great video! I am buying this Mazda anytime soon and this was very helpful! I appreciate it!

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