Playing games on PC provides a very unique kind of joy, a very different kind of experience from what a massive number of people get on consoles. While there are obviously loads of games that are common across PC and consoles, some of the best PC games out there are the ones that are tailor-made for that platform, for that platform’s audience, with its biggest strengths kept in mind, while it’s fair to say that even with the games that are released on both consoles and PC, most of them end up running, looking, and playing much better on the latter. As such, it’s quite hard for PC gaming to have a bad year, and 2018 was, in keeping with that trend, an excellent year for those who play games on PC. Here, we’re trying to undertake the unenviable task of picking out just fifteen of our favourite games from a mammoth catalogue, before going to give the top honours to a single one out of all of them.





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  1. Ankur Kumar Reply

    i dont know why the f u guys ruining Ranking with adding rpg games… these daily videos doesn't give quality content its all garbage….even this video no game was good …all rpg games … totally not worth it 👎

  2. Darkmagician923 Reply

    the banner saga is the best game in this list. But I doubt these are the best games of 2018

  3. Matt Fischer Reply

    This looks all like everything i have seen/played in the last 30 years… boring AF!

  4. Kumiko Ishida Reply

    I think someone pay you to put all this CRAP games in this video ahahaha 😀

  5. Very bad tastes my friend, better go to sell tacos in the corner, viedeogames aren't your thing.

  6. Man, just what the F is wrong if you?, If u wanna make a video like that with those games in it just Name it " My Subjective list of Top 15 best pc games " Not " 15 Best PC Games"

  7. Ohhh you completely skipped Final Fantasy XV The greatest of them all.

  8. Owies Alyounes Reply

    bro pls Change the Titel YOu have to Name it Worst pc games of 2015

  9. Video starts at 0:55 btw.

    #01 – 0:55 – Subnautica
    #02 – 1:25 – Into the Breach
    #03 – 1:50 – Dead Cells
    #04 – 2:20 – Monster Hunter: World
    #05 – 2:51 – Celeste
    #06 – 3:23 – Forza Horizon 4
    #07 – 3:57 – Frostpunk
    #08 – 4:28 – The Banner Saga 3
    #09 – 5:02 – The Forest
    #10 – 5:40 – Hitman 2
    #11 – 6:11 – Football Manager 2019
    #12 – 6:46 – BATTLETECH
    #13 – 7:19 – Unavowed
    #14 – 7:45 – Return of the Obra Dinn
    #15 – 8:27 – Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

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